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Completion of ‘Senior Cosmetic Care Forum’ (Medical Newspaper, 20.11.1…

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Exploring ways to nurture the cosmedi care industry and expanding the industry-university-industrial-related network

[Medical Newspaper Daily Newspaper = Reporter Chae Ji-jun] Chonnam National University Hospital successfully held the 2020 Senior Cosmetic Care Forum at Ramada Plaza Gwangju Hotel on the 13th to foster the cosmetic industry that will lead the future era of the 4th industrial revolution.

The cosmedicare industry is a high-value-added new concept industry that combines general cosmetics with dermatology to create personalized functional beauty products and services by developing high-functional cosmetics with healing and therapeutic functions and high-tech convergence customized beauty devices. This forum In July, Chonnam National University Hospital was selected for the 2020 industrial innovation infrastructure construction project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. It was prepared to nurture the cosmedicare industry with the Promotion Association and to expand the industry-university-industrial-related network.

The forum was attended by various officials from the medical community as well as local governments, politics, economy, and research institutes, and various programs such as lectures by domestic experts and networking of companies and institutions were held for three hours.

Lectures include ▲The status of the construction of the Senior Cosmetics Center (Byung-chae Kim, Director of the Biomedical Research Institute, Chonnam National University Hospital) ▲ Regional economy and cosmetics industry (Seong-jin Kim, Director of the Cosmetic Care Center) ▲ Trends and prospects of the cosmetics industry at home and abroad (Son Seong-min Leeichi 24 Hours Korea), etc. continued

Meanwhile, In-cheol Jo, Deputy Mayor of Culture and Economy of Gwangju Metropolitan City, attended the forum and delivered a plaque of appreciation to Lee Sam-yong, former president of Chonnam National University Hospital.




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