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SeeY, Dongil Mirae Science High School-Gwangju Cosmetics Industry Prom…

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Industry-university agreement to foster smart beauty talents

Expected to strengthen competitiveness of beauty companies in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do by linking employment through smart beauty training course

On the 29th, CY (CEO Young-deuk Cho), the developer of cosmetics order management and new product development platform 'COS247', was selected as a 'smart factory base school' by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups on the 29th. ) and the Gwangju Cosmetics Industry Promotion Association (Chairman Jeon Il-seung) signed a joint business agreement.

In this MOU ceremony to lay the foundation for department restructuring of the Total Beauty Department at Dongil Mirae Science High School, discover educational courses, and nurture smart beauty talents and industry-tailored talents, the signing ceremony was held at the ceremony by CY CEO Young-deuk Cho, Dongil Mirae Science High School Principal Lee Kang-hee, and Gwangju Cosmetic Industry Promotion Association Chairman Jeon Il-seung. It was held in the presence of major industry-university cooperation officials.

Through the industry-university agreement signed on the same day, the three institutions focused on nurturing smart beauty talents and industry-tailored talents as the main goal, △discovery and support for industry-tailored training courses △Support for the restructuring of the total beauty science department, △cultivating outstanding talents in connection with the SME specialization high school human resources development project. and development of employment-related programs △Others agreed to establish a continuous and progressive exchange relationship through various consultations necessary for mutual development.

At the meeting held after the signing ceremony on the same day, various suggestions on the restructuring of the beauty manager manpower training department promoted by Dongil Future Science High School, as well as opinions from the vocational education field were exchanged.

CY CEO Young-deuk Cho said, “In the post-corona era, the convergence of IT and beauty is a global trend that cannot be resisted. We will provide as much support as possible to discover training courses and nurture talents tailored to the industry.”

Principal Lee Kang-hee of Dongil Mirae Science High School said, “In order to nurture excellent talents in the smart beauty industry in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the school will also develop into a leading specialized high school in the beauty field through various support.” We will further spur the training of local smart beauty manufacturing experts,” he said.


Dongil Mirae Science High School is a specialized high school located in Gwangju, established in 1980, and consists of △ Optoelectronic Information and Communication △ Electronic Energy △ Total Beauty Department. As a smart factory base school selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, it aims to foster talents who will lead future social changes through △operating smart factory employment-tailored classes △executing customized skills and convergence-type talent training △local community-connected activities △industry-university-tailored training of human resources. is doing with

The Gwangju Cosmetics Industry Promotion Association was established in May 2017 centered on corporate member companies (150 cosmetic companies in Gwangju) that manufacture and sell cosmetics in the Gwangju region. We share our vision and continue to grow.

Meanwhile, CY has recently launched a cloud-based cosmetic ordering and new product development platform ‘COS247’, including the establishment of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resources Management) system and the overall cloud business, and has recently received a lot of attention from the beauty-cosmetics industry.

Reporter Park Myung-seop, Culture Journal 21




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