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Jeon Il-seung, President of Gwangju Cosmetic Industry Promotion Associ…

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“CosMedicare is a high value-added industry that combines cosmetics, medical care and beauty devices. We are doing our best so that CosMedicare can grow into a major future industry in Gwangju.”

Jeon Il-seung, president of Gwangju Cosmetic Industry Promotion Association (CEO of Rafine J), ​​said, “Cosmedicare is a promising growth field that combines high-functional cosmetics that combine dermatology, manufacturing beauty devices, and beauty services. It can increase added value by up to 500%.”

He said, “Beyond the existing cosmetic industry for simple beauty, products that show pharmaceutical effects by increasing specific functions such as anti-aging are key. We are working closely with supporting organizations,” he added.

The Promotion Association was launched in April 2018 with about 70 member companies. In connection with Gwangju Techno Park Biomedical Materials and Parts Center, a biomedical industry control tower, it is leading the cosmedcare industry based on product development and certification. Currently, there are 88 member companies.

Chairman Jeon said, “There are about 220 cosmetics-related companies in Gwangju, but most of them are small, and they are having difficulties due to limitations in technology development, insufficient product evaluation and certification support system, and lack of global marketing capabilities. We are raising the possibility by establishing a one-stop support system for the entire lifecycle from commercialization to commercialization.”

In cooperation with Chonnam National University Hospital, Gwangju Technopark, and Gwangju Aged-Friendly Industry Support Center, the Promotion Association will invest 18 billion won by 2023 to manufacture and commercialize high-functional cosmetics and beauty devices. Chonnam National University Hospital is in charge of demonstrating product clinical efficacy evaluation, Gwangju Techno Park is in charge of introducing excellent cosmetic production facilities and equipment, and Gwangju Aged-Friendly Industry Support Center is in charge of demonstrating suitability for use by seniors.

In the second half of this year, the Promotion Association plans to start building a joint good manufacturing practice (GMP) production facility in charge of product development and certification in Gwangju Techno Park Complex 2. Through this, by 2030, it plans to grow 300 senior cosmed care companies, annual sales of 100 billion won, and employment of 800 people.

Chairman Jeon said, “After collecting opinions through regular meetings among member companies, we are securing support projects necessary for fostering the beauty industry, such as youth startups, technology development, and certification. We will do our best to become a new role model for this job creation and high value-added export strategy-type regional flagship industry,” he said.

Gwangju = Reporter Hansik Kim




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